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GRADZONE is targeted at connecting graduates and employers. We focus on bringing these two groups together in a forum of openness & sharing. Employers can showcase their company for free & create awareness to inform & attract potential fresh talent to their organisation using our online platform.

  • Advertising

    GRADZONE IS THE BEST PLATFORM FOR EMPLOYERS TO REACH GRADUATES.Connect with a database of 4000+ young grads with varying degrees of experience and gain brand exposure on our website for free! gradzone currently ranks #3 on the 1st page for Google's graduate career searches.
  • Employer branding

    Why not BRAND YOUR COMPANY AS AN EMPLOYER OF CHOICE AT GRASSROOTS LEVEL? Gain free corporate brand exposure with gradzone click-starting careers. Get involved and send your contact details to
  • Graduate Recruitment Services

    Post a SPECIFIC JOB AD, free of charge, for graduates to respond to on our job listings page. Email us now at with your contact details we'll respond telling you how to post your advertisements details.


gradzone click-starting careers

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