The Buying Group in Witkoppen

Food service operators need to be financially savvy and market-wise in today's increasingly competitive environment. But with all that running a food service business entails, smart, proactive management can be a huge burden. We understand. As a partnership of experienced food service experts, we've encountered the same pricing frustrations and market inequities that you face every day. That's why we created The Buying Group, pooling the purchasing power of food service providers into a powerful GPO to secure pricing advantages. By leveraging our strength in numbers, we've negotiated low-margin guaranteed contracts that enable our members to purchase catering supplies and services at deep discounts. In addition, our powerful group purchasing organization has valuable audit privileges with vendors, guaranteeing that our members pay only the negotiated mark-ups. Best of all, we act as your in-house purchasing manager to negotiate lower prices across the board on the goods and services you use every day. Let us help you take your business to a new level with the next generation in successful food service operations!

  • Group Buying Service

    By leveraging the combined buying volumes of our members we negotiate fixed term contracts for all kinds of catering supplies with top notch suppliers for our members.

  • Online Ordering Portal

    We provide a convenient, easy to use online ordering portal for our members where they can place orders on our preferred supplier database 24/7.

    The product range currently covers, meat, fish, poultry, dry goods, consumables, cleaning materials, liquor, soft drinks, and kitchen and restaurant equipment and smalls.


The Buying Group
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