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1. OUR AIM Our aim is to support the employer in creating and maintaining a productive workforce to achieve business objectives. We do this by empowering the employer to implement policies and strategies which create harmony in the workplace, efficiently focusing human resources on achieving business objectives, and asserting the legal rights of the employer where necessary. LabourAdvice renders a full and comprehensive range of services to the employer, backed by the latest research and publications material in the field 2. OUR SERVICES 2.1 Contracts of Employment Preparation of service contracts/letters of employment. Our Labour Advisors will also explain the contracts to employees should it be required by the employer. 2.2 Preparation of Policies Preparation of policies and procedures as requested by the client, such as Aids, Alcohol & Drugs, Long Service, Conditions of Employment, Termination of Employment, Corrective Action, Disability and Incapacity, Disciplinary Procedures, Dispute Resolution, Employment Equity Plans, Grievance Handling, Induction, Industrial Relations, Occupational Health and Safety, Performance Reward, Recruitment and Selection, and others can be provided 2.3 Union Negotiations Conduct of wage negotiations with unions and conflict resolution on behalf of the business owner. 2.4 Strike management. Assistance with contingency planning, strike diaries, legality of action taken by employers, and settlement negotiations. 2.5 Newsletter Regular newsletters to keep clients informed about any change in Legislation at no additional cost. Plus other interesting developments in Labour Relations. 2.6 IR Assistance Assistance with regard to counseling, disciplinary hearings, dismissals, retrenchments, restructuring, appeal hearings, etc. 2.7 Disciplinary Hearings We provide and advice you on completing the necessary forms, such as a notice to appear in a disciplinary enquiry, written warnings and dismissal letters. We also have qualified Arbitrators that are available to chair disciplinary hearings at your workplace. 2.8 Skills Development Act Advice with regard to Skills Development Act, 1998. 2.9 Employment Equity Act Assistance to designated employers with initiation of plans and reports as required by the Employment Equity Act, 1998. 2.10 Occupational Health Safety Act Advice and assistance to comply with provisions of Occupational Health and Safety act, 1996 3. ADVANTAGES OF USING OUR SERVICES 3.1. You will have direct access to expert advice. 3.2 You will have Employment Contracts and policies which protect your rights, as an employer. 3.3 We will implement all necessary disciplinary, counseling and grievance procedures for your workplace.A telephonic advise service is also available. CONTACT DETAILS. Rob Russell. Ph: 013 6565030 Cell 0837740972 fax 0865918997


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    We assist and advise employers on all HR/IR issues.We draw up policies and procedures pertaining to their particular business and we offer a 24/7 electronic and telephone advice service. We have qualified Arbitrators to Chair Disciplinary hearings and Private Arbitrations, negotiate with unions, initiate EE Plans, skills development act and the OHS act
    • Labour Advice


Labour Advice

labour advice