Phildou Archive Services in Windhoek

We provide storage solutions for companies running out of office space to archive documentation. We offer them services like archiving, scanning, filing management and electronic safe keeping.
  • archiving

    We store your documentation in storage boxes, which is then archived in a secure and managed facility safeguarded under lock and key. We then manange your documentation on your behalf. We also provide scanning solutions and facilities, so you can manage and retrieve your data or documents electronically. We offer electronic safe keeping so you can store your back up data, cds and valuables under lock and key. We have an annual gholf day where customers and friends can compete for excellent prizes, have fun and race some funds for charitable and non profitable organizations. All players receive free advertising for the day in conjuction with Radion Cosmos, a local radio channel, benefitting players and many organizations.
    • archiving
    • archiving
    • archiving
    • archiving
  • on line

    We are now on-line. Customers can view their archived material on-line without having to retrieve any physical documentation.
  • electronic data

    We scan all your documentation and store in electronically on a server of your choice. Documentation can be viewed in its original state without having it retrieved physically.
  • electronic safe keeping

    We have electronic safes guarded under key and lock. A password is entered rather than a key used. All back up data, valuables and electronic data can now be stored safely and securely.


Phildou Archive Services

archiving on line electronic data electronic safe keeping