The ProfPM Zone in Westville

The ProfPM Zone offers competitive and comprehensive Professional Project and Management Consultancy Services to the corporate and government sectors of South Africa as well as other countries in Africa. We are building a team of the highest calibre of individuals who have outstanding interpersonal skills, extensive application area knowledge in many industries and a proven management track record. We conduct business with excellence, efficiency and enthusiasm and we are confident that once you have worked with us, you will not seek Project and Management Services elsewhere.

  • Project Management

    Project Management is the involvement of various processes of planning, monitoring, control & deliverance, to meet defined objectives within the time specified from inception to completion.
  • Organisational Change Management

    We provide a comprehensive end to end management solution, for distinct OCM projects, to successfully deliver your organization's systems change.
  • Program Management

    Program management is the practice of managing several related projects in an organization, often with the intention of improving an organization's performance.
  • Risk Management

    Risk assessment & management requires identification, assessment & prioritization of risks, followed bymanagement of such risks.


The ProfPM Zone

project management organisational change management program management risk management