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Stretch Ceiling System.This unique System provides with sustainability and beauty.The range of applications is practically unlimited: from houses to offices, hotels, pools, shops, restaurants, churches, boutiques and concert halls. The broadest range of colors and finishes (matte, lacquered, metallic, satin, translucent, suede etc.) provides an opportunity to create complex, free form designs where a stretch ceiling system becomes extremely interesting to the refined interior design objectives.Benefits of Stretch Ceiling:•- Beautiful perfectly leveled straight surface, without any jogs or roughness.•- Fast “no mess” installation •- Can visually increased room space.•- Endless possibility in design ideas - multilevel ceiling, arched, dome-shaped, curved, printed photos, graphics, murals...•- Wide variety of colors and textures (180) gives possibility to fit into any design concept or style.•- NO peel off, flaking, cracks, stains, algae. •- NO damage from leaking roof or burst geyser.•- Unconditional waterproof.•- No water of condensation, no dust absorption, electrostatic free.•- Fast and clean mounting process (4-5 hours for 30m2 room)•- No need to remove old ceiling.•- Height of room saving (2.5 cm below old ceiling structure).•- No more chasing! Possibility to hide electric wires, water pipes, aircon pipes, alarm fittings etc. •- Maintenance free! No more painting.•- 10 years guarantee on membrane (no discoloring!)•- All necessary EU safety and fire certificates. •- ISO 9001:2008, EC Declaration of Conformity•- Very competitive prices•- HOUSES, APARTMENTS, HOTELS, GUEST HOUSES, RESTAURANTS, DOCTOR ROOMS, OFFICES... FOR NEW PROJECTS AND RENOVATIONS.You are welcome to visit our website for more info:


Life Staging cc

custom made stretch ceiling system