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Equine Insight aims to help you overcome any problems/issues that you may have with your horse: physical, emotional or behavioural. We specialize in equine training and working with remedial horses, partnership building and Equine Bowen Therapy - primarily a holistic, hands-on remedial soft tissue therapy whereby the equine body is treated as a whole. We also offer high quality craftsman-made rope products to the equestrian world.

  • Equine / Human Bowen Therapy

    Horses and Bowen All horses will benefit greatly from Equine Bowen Therapy and your horse does not need to have anything wrong with it to benefit from Equine Bowen Therapy. Regular treatment as part of routine healthcare can help to prevent injuries before they develop into acute or potentially chronic conditions. Conditions that can respond well to Equine Bowen Therapy include:Muscle atrophy or uneven developmentSkeletal imbalances i.e. pelvic rotationsCold back and/or sore backMuscle spasm and tensionUnlevelness, disunited gait or irregular actionStiffness on one reinLack of lateral flexion, impulsion and elevation Restrictions in one or both shouldersLong term and intermittent lamenessHeadshaking and head shy problemsCirculatory, respiratory, digestive, reproductive and urinary conditionsCongested kidneysSluggish lymphatic system and/or weakened immune systemFilled legsUncharacteristic changes in temperament or behaviourDeterioration of performanceDifficulties with shoeingPain relief in support of laminiticsRecovery from illness Riders and BowenEBT allows the horse to perform at his best for his rider. Likewise, by addressing any muscular stiffness in the rider with The Bowen Technique, the horse will appreciate a balanced weight on his back. As a rider, after treatment you may feel that your balance, posture and overall suppleness have improved with greater feel and response to your horse. The list of conditions in humans that respond well to is endless, as people are treated holistically. Some common presentations include back and neck pain, frozen shoulder and tennis elbow, acute or chronic sports injuries.
  • Horse Training

    Fulfilling Partnerships through Leadership and Trust At Equine Insight, we believe that whatever equine discipline you choose, you and your horses enjoyment and success will be greatly enhanced when you understand the theory, technique, and timing of training a horse to work with you using the horses natural instincts in a non-violent pain free approach.Ground TrainingCatching. Clipping.Desensitisation.Farrier/Shoeing.Headshy.Loading.Pre-Backing.Starting Gates.Aggressive behaviour.


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