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B-earth has developed a unique paint system for both interior and exterior surface applications that exceeds international environmental and quality performance requirements. B-earth is the only true long lasting, non-toxic paint product on the market that minimises climate change impacts and provides a coating solution for substrates that are subject to severe environments. E'cological Solutions has been given the sole right to manufacture and distribute the full range of B-earth products in the Western Cape from our factory outside Durbanville. All coatings are manufactured using the B-earth polymer and the highest grade ingredients.The B-earth coating system is similar to normal emulsion paint in terms of texture and physical characteristics. However, the quality characteristics of the paint system can be compared with normal water-based epoxy coatings in terms of:•Resistance to water penetration;•Resistance to acidic attack;•Resistance to weathering (humidity, salt spray and temperature change);•Colour-fastness;•Bond strength to surface, i.e. abrasion and chip resistance; and•High elasticityThe environmental performance of the B-earth paint system is highlighted with respect to the two main toxic factors associated with paints:•No metallic releases, e.g. lead and other toxic metals are not found in the system.•Low releases of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) during application and thereafter, i.e. the VOC contents of the products in the system are less than 5 grams per litre, which, according to international standards, are classified as 0 VOC paints.
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