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Almost any construction project has its complexities - which may arise due to the fact that a wide variety of integrated tasks need to be undertaken by a number of role players.  Unfortunately, this sometimes results in an outcome where the building being constructed goes way over-budget and is completed late or, sadly enough, not at all and major financial losses are incurred.


When asked to intervene on a project which is over budget and behind schedule we will undertake the following:

  1. A revised brief to be implemented, comprising a comprehensive ‘scope of works’ document together with a detailed responsibility matrix involving all the role players.
  2. By taking swift action these steps will enable formalised and structured management intervention to reduce the cost over-run to around five percent over the budget while reducing the time delay quite radically.
  3. In this way we will enable the project team to pro-actively solve and eradicate problems.


As principal agent, acting on behalf of the client or owner of the building our focal point is the entire development process and we are capable of managing all these various skills required to finish the building to the satisfaction of the client. We will integrate all the required planning, procurement, technical, financial and construction activities within a comprehensive and structured process of execution thereby providing the client with a single point of responsibility.


We will add established and formalised project management procedures on an interactive facilitation and consultative platform to the experience and hands-on involvement of a dedicated project management team, with stringent levels of prompting, auditing and controlling of project activities entrenched in the execution plan.


We at ADBMS would like to offer our services in the facilitation, consultation and construction fields where we aim to maximise value and reduce risks for clients investing in property and construction. Together we have more than 40 years experience and have successfully completed many projects locally and throughout Africa.

We offer expertise in the following areas:

1.    Negotiated construction contracts

2.    Facilitation and consultation

3.    Project Management that includes:

·                     Project Planning

·                     Project Preparation

·                     Project Implementation

·                     Project Execution

·                     Project Controlling and Arbitration


We operate in the following sectors:1. Industrial and Warehousing;2. Commercial and Residential;3. Developments, upgrades, expansions, refurbishments and more

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African Dream Building & Maintenance Services cc

african dream building & maintenance services