Ulti SA Pty Ltd. in Western Cape / Gauteng

Ulti is an exhibitions and events services company.After more than two decades of display innovation, service excellence and unparalleled reliability, Ulti is still at the forefront of the South African exhibition and display industry. The reason for our success is simple - we care. We care about detail, deadlines, budget and quality controls. Most importantly, we care about you and the image your company projects through us. Ulti can meet your requirements, no matter how big or small. We can supply you with a fully-fledged exhibition or event, or design you something incredible to market your brand the way it should be. Sit back and be impressed as we impress others for you.
  • Shell Scheme

    Ulti can supply your exhibition or event with our patented Shell Scheme walling and panelling and exhibition booth system.
  • Carpeting

    Ulti hires out carpet tiles and will deliver lay and dismantle.
  • Furniture Hire

    We hire out furniture to events and exhibitions including things like bar stools, show cases etc etc
  • Electrics

    We can supply your event / exhibition with electrics like DB Boards, spots, audio-visual etc
  • Design

    Ulti can design your custom built stand, stage, set or display. We use 3D Renderings and top notch designs.
  • Project Management

    Ulti is your one-stop shop for a comprehensive project management service.


Ulti SA Pty Ltd.

shell scheme carpeting furniture hire electrics design project management