Walkerville Farmers Market in Walkerville

The Walkerville Farmer's Market offers a tranquil setting in which to quietly stroll through the stalls, each one bursting with quality merchandise. The market will be offering farm-fresh produce and quality hand-crafted goods. Nestled in among the stalls is a food court offering a variety of different foods. Tasty treats can be enjoyed whilst listening to soft background music played by our guest artist of the day. It's a perfect place to come and spend a relaxing Saturday with the family. Children can have fun in the touch-farm and delight in the presence of bunnies galore! The market will run each Saturday from 9am onwards. There is ample secure parking. The market has 60 stalls catering for over 100 stallholders and will expand on demand. If you have something special that you have crafted or grown with tender care, then we would love to accommodate you at the Walkerville Farmer's Market. Please contact us for further information.

  • Produce and Crafters Market

    This market specialises in farm fresh produce, tasty treats and hand made merchandise of a very high quality.

    • Produce and Crafters Market


Walkerville Farmers Market

produce and crafters market