Falatsi best security and services in Vereeniging

For the best security services in Gauteng contact Falatsi best security and services.

We offer service such as:

Business gaurding

Home gaurding

Events gaurding

Private investigation etc.

So whatever your individual needs do give us a call

  • Business Gaurding

    We look after your business and make sure it's safe while you carry on with the important factor of growing it

  • Home Gaurding

    Let us look after you and your loved ones and your precious home filled with beautiful memories. we all know how all that can be disrupted or taken away from you in just a few hours so let us help you stop that from happening

  • Events Gaurding

    Are you planning an Event? the most important thing that every one seems to neglect or forget is the need for security at your venue. who knows what could happen while you are busy entertaining your guest, lets face it you really dont have the time to go out and check everybody's car is still safe and no one is trying to break in. that is were we come to help you have fun knowing that you and your guest are in safe hands


Falatsi best security and services
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