Juvenis in van Zyl

Juvenis is based in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town and provides a holistic range of highly affordable body treatments that promote health and wellbeing.
  • Body Balancing

    To achieve optimal levels of health and well-being, it is essential to first attain complete balance throughout all the functions of your body. At Juvenis, we provide you with a range of Body Balancing Treatments that assist you to achieve a long term equilibrium throughout your body to promote increased health and vitality. Our Body Balancing Treatments include: Iridology Kinesiology Reflexology Reiki Accupressure
  • Body Massage

    The fast paced lifestyles we all lead today give rise to ever increasing levels of stress & fatigue which often result in tired, stiff muscles. Injuries also very often result in painful muscles relating to the injury and the compensatory muscles. A professional massage is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing ways to effectively relieve, refresh and invigorate the body and senses. Our Body Massage Treatments include: Aromatherapy Massage Sport Massage Indian Head Massage Hot Stone Massage
  • Body Treatments

    Many of us follow a perfectly sound body-care routine that is suited to our needs and lifestyle. We do however all benefit from a little extra tender loving care now and again to help us jumpstart new, healthy routines and invigorate our bodies and minds. Juvenis offers an ever increasing range of treatments for you. Our Body Care Treatments include: Galvanic Anti-ageing Facial Treatments Ionic Foot Treatments Hawkins Passive Body Shaping Treatments Body Waxing Ear Candling



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