CleanText Proofreading Services in Tzaneen

CleanText is a South African-based company that offers professional and expeditious proofreading services to the public. We also offer Afrikaans/English and English/Afrikaans translation services.
  • Proofreading English and Afrikaans

    We proofread a wide range of documents that include - but are not limited to - the following:Marketing material (brochures, advertisements, etc.), websites, articles, manuscripts, magazines, newsletters, reports, presentations, blogs and more.
  • English-Afrikaans Translation

    Several distinctions in English and Afrikaans grammar exist, and it is not always an easy task to translate documents without the essential knowledge and understanding of the English and Afrikaans language.Our proofreaders are qualified in both English and Afrikaans, and they will gladly assist you in the translation process.


CleanText Proofreading Services

proofreading english and afrikaans english-afrikaans translation