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AGS Fusion (Pty) Ltd specialises in the manufacture and installation of high quality, stronghold and durable aluminium products. Our services range from from: Glass and mirror cutting, glazing tostandard and customised aluminium doors, windows, shop front, enclosures and frame-less. AGS Fusion (Pty) Ltd has over 20 years experience in the Aluminium industry.
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    Hinged Doors: Aluminium Hinged doors are most commonly used as entrance doors, and can only hinge Inwards or Outwards. Aluminium hinged doors are manufactured as Single door leafs was well as doubledoor leafs. Sliding Patio Doors: Aluminium sliding patio Doors are very affordable and aesthetic for bringing the outdoors, indoors. There are various options available for 2-Panel, 3-Panel and4-Panel doors. Spring Doors: Aluminium Floor Spring Doors or Pivot doors are more commonly used for commercial or office buildings. Aluminium Floor Spring Doors and Aluminium Pivot doors open in bothdirections. Aluminium Floor Spring Door is a Self-Closing door. Slide Folding Doors: Aluminium Sliding folding doors Fold open to one side or Left and Right The Idea is creating "open plan living".When needed these doors can be used internally or as external Doors. Aluminium Windows Projected Windows: Projected aluminium windows protrude from the bottom, upwards and outwards creating excellentventilation and prevents light rain form entering your house. Sliding Windows: Aluminium sliding windows are a practical solution to windows that are positioned on walk-ways and difficult to clean.Windows for Example, on a 2nd Story Building. Pivot Windows: Aluminium Pivot windows are Windows that Pivot horizontally or vertically. Having almost complete opening capability, However it is not acommon choice. Tilt & Turn Windows: Tilt and Turn windows are a European style window and open only inwards with the tilt of the handle. The window opens from left to right and from top tobottom. Arched / Round Windows: Aluminium Arched Windows are a unique feature for domestic and commercial use. The Radius of the arch can vary form the span / width, and hight. Due to the process,Aluminium Arched Windows might take a little longer to manufacture. Shop Fronts: Aluminium Shop Fronts are ideally used for there strength and durability and are commonly used in commercialbuildings. So the emphasis is on wide and large areas of glass to create a show room effect enclosures. Aluminium and Glass Fixtures combined with Aluminium Doors and Aluminium Windows create theperfect extra space that you require without the mess of brick and mortar. Leaving your Home with that extra sunny room, either for summer or winter. Frame-less Designs: Frame-less Shower Doors arethe up an coming trend, and is a must for every modern bathroom. Frame-less Folding Sliding Doors: Frame-less Folding Sliding Doors are the perfect doors that don't spoil your view and allows maximumlight to entire house. These doors have became a very trendy feature for the Modern Home.
    • Aluminium Manufacturing & Installations


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