OLGEAR in Tokai, Cape Town

Specialists in the application of ozone technologies in the fields of aquaculture, water treatment, cheese production, industrial and commercial air treatment of both replacement and extracted air streams. OLGEAR can design and implement a solution that will see a reduction in chemical disinfectants, improved rates of disinfection, odour control or other relevant process advantages.
  • Odour removal

    OLGEAR combines patented carbon based filters with ozone to deliver an odour removal method that is both highly effective and is endorsed by the Health department of the City of Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Portable odour removal

    The AOS-Series of portable ozone systems were specially developed for the hospitality, restoration and industrial sectors. The solid stainless steel construction houses a powerful fan delivering high concentrations of ozone quickly to eliminate odours, mould and bacteria.
  • Greywater Disinfection

    Greywater usage in the garden poses many health risks, it was for that reason that OLGEAR developed an ozone based method of disinfecting this otherwise wasted resource. Based on our unique range of UV-HO ozone generators this solution is simple to install and is extremely low maintenance.
  • Disinfection of Cheese Production Facilities

    OLGEAR has numerous solutions for the erradication of yeast and unwanted moulds from production, maturation and packaging areas in the cheese industry. Treatment can occur during the day without interuption to production or at night, depending on the clients requirements.
  • Sick Building Syndrome

    OLGEAR together with Veritech have developed systems that address the increasingly common sick building syndrome phenomenon. Our solutions will ensure mould free ducts and eliminate pollen spores that cause allergies.
  • Aquaculture

    OLGEAR has many solutions for the farming of abalone, trout, koi, catfish, tilapia and more. Ozone is vital to prevent disease outbreak, achieve good quality water, increase DO levels, allow for higher stocking densities and much more.



odour removal portable odour removal greywater disinfection disinfection of cheese production facilities sick building syndrome aquaculture