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The Lavender Room offers a range of energetic/ holistic healing treatments, as well as workshops for self-healing and exploration and a handmade range of crystal healing jewellry.
  • Body Alignment

    Body Alignment is a holistic healing technique which aims to locate, identify and heal imbalances in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. As imbalances are corrected and emotions balanced, the entire body responds by returning to an optimum state of well-being on all levels.The underlying premise of all holistic healing is that "psychology becomes biology" ( or as The Secret puts it, "thoughts become things"). So holistic methods are ideal not only for the treatmetn of physical ailmnets, but recovery from emotional trauma, scarring and abuse as well. Investment: R220 per session
    • Body Alignment
    • Body Alignment
    • Body Alignment
    • Body Alignment
  • Tarot Manifestation Circles

    By combining therapuetic tarot techniques (NOT fortune telling)and vortex healing methods, I am able to offer a stunning session designed to help you identify emotional and behavioural patterns that no longer serve you, and assist you in discovering how you can move beyond them.This is a lovely session for people who are questioning who they are, where their life is going and what they would like to do about it. It is not fortune telling, just a guided tour into the deeper parts of your own being. Investment: R220 per session
  • Healing Journeys

    For those pioneering sould who are brave enough to take a deep and honest look at who they are and what they would like to move beyond, I facilitate intensive healing journeys. By combining body alignmnet, crystal healing, vortex healing techniques, Reiki and therapeutic tarot I help you to facilitate an EXTREME amount of change within yourself and your life within a short space of time. This journey will force you to challenge your core beliefs and emotional baggage, and is very challenging. But I can promise you that when you walk away you will feel a thousand times lighter in body, mind and spirit, and that the changes that will unfold in your life will astound you. Investment:R220 per session
  • Body Spin Workshops

    Body Spin is a simple and powerful healing technique that is quick and easy to learn. It can be applied to all issues, be they physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Body Spin workshops provide an excellent introduction to working with energy. You can use this technique on your friends, family members, and even your pets, or you can incorporate it into your existing healing practice.The workshop will teach you:* Applied Kinesiology - muscle testing* Working with a pendulum* The major chakras and vortex centres of the body* Introduction to the subtle bodies* The principles of working with energy* The Body Spin Method of healing - which is an introduction to the Life Alignment System * Working with Vortex Cards - the Seed of Life and Resonance Cards* Releasing pain from the body* Releasing embedded and current emotions from the bodyInvestment: R2 200 Includes:Body Spin manual Body Spin ChartsSeed of Life Vortex CardResonance Vortex CardLunch2 Practical days (dates to be arranged during the workshop)Certification as a Body Spin Practitioner upon completion of the required case studies
  • Workshop - Balancing and releasing emotions held in the chakras

    This one day workshop will teach a simple but very effective crystal chakra balancing technique that includes an emotional aspect. It is a wonderful tool for those of you who would like to learn how to perceive emotional blockages and imbalances in the human energy field and how to balance or release them. The workshop will address:ã How to scan the aura for emotional contentã The art of symbolic sightã Sharing your perceptions with your clientã An emotion-based crystal chakra balanceã The emotional aspect of the major chakras and possible causes for imbalanceã Applications for self-healing and explorationã How to guide an emotional processã Techniques for balancing emotionsã How to perceive communication from your guides and develop trust in your own psychic abilities The workshop will be held at 15 Schreiner Rd, Table View at a cost of only R250 per person. Dates will be arranged upon your enquiry. A prac day will be arranged during the workshop. Limited notes will be provided, but bring a pencil and notepad so that you can make your own.


The Lavender Room

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