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Consulting engineers
  • Roads

    At Jeffares & Green we have been responsible for the design, contract administration and construction monitoring of all types of roads, from low-volume rural gravel roads to high-speed bitumen or concrete freeways and heavy-volume urban network systems. We appreciate that, ultimately, roads are not merely a means of connecting places to one another, but also a means of connecting people and communities. We also understand that roads promote economic development and stimulate growth, often for communities that have lacked basic access to these things and for whom a new or better road is a gateway to a better quality of life. So whether we are designing new roads or upgrading and rehabilitating existing ones, we always work in partnership with our clients so that they get exactly what they need for the communities they serve.
  • Traffic and Transportation

    Traffic and Transportation Engineering is one of the fastest growing fields of engineering in the world, incorporating as it does all the tools and technologies to enable sustainable development. Whether at national, provincial, metropolitan or local level, the traffic and transportation engineer enables the rapid, safe and efficient movement of people and goods.
  • Bridges

    Our bridges stand tall on national highways and are slung low over rural rivers. They range from sophisticated arch bridges to modest causeways, from incrementally launched structures to major viaducts. Whatever the size and location they have a common goal: to bridge the gaps on our country's road and rail networks and bring people, goods, and communities together.
  • Environmental Services

    Our environmentalists understand engineering principles, so we have the edge when it comes to meeting the challenges of providing sustainable, environmentally sensitive developments. We identify the potential implications of projects for both the environment and the communities involved and provide practical, cost-effective measures for maximum integration. A public participation process forms an integral part of our service.
  • Waste Management

    Nobody wants a landfill site in their 'back yard'. At Jeffares & Green we understand this, and with our expert knowledge and years of practical experience in the planning, design and implementation of waste management projects we have always been able to assist our clients in finding viable solutions to environmentally sensitive issues. Our integrated approach to sustainable waste management aims at delivering cleaner, healthier environments to communities for a better quality of life.
  • Land Development and Housing

    We work in close consultation with town and regional planners, environmental scientists and in-house specialists to provide integrated urban planning and development solutions to meet the demands of rapid urbanisation and a growing economy. Drawing on our own multi-disciplinary expertise, our engineers offer extensive design and project management experience in recreational, residential, commercial and industrial developments. Our clients include private developers, municipalities, regional authorities, property brokers and financial institutions.
  • Engineering Services and Infrastructure

    Engineering services and infrastructure are the backbone of any economy. For many years Jeffares & Green has provided comprehensive professional expertise throughout the full cycle of small to large infrastructure projects. The company focuses on the delivery of innovative, cost-effective solutions that are appropriate and sustainable. Our clients include large metropolitan authorities, district municipalities, utility companies, private investors and small community organisations.
  • Building, Industrial and Civil Structures

    We pride ourselves on our ability to transform ideas. We take the ideas of architects and our clients and offer in return sustainable, cost-effective engineering solutions. Our structures are as diverse as the visions that created them and the landscapes in which they stand. The constant in this diversity is our single-minded approach to uncompromising quality, the foundation upon which Jeffares & Green has been established for over 80 years.
  • Water

    In South Africa, a quarter of our population do not have access to potable water. At Jeffares & Green we are proud to have been part of the AquAmanzi Consortium that implemented the KwaZulu-Natal BoTT contract to supply water to rural communities, and through which nearly a million people gained access to clean water. Over the years we have been responsible for the successful design, supervision and management of a range of water-related projects, from rudimentary rural water schemes to water purification works and major water resource management projects.
  • Stormwater and River Catchment Management

    Jeffares & Green has been involved in numerous studies and projects related to all levels of catchment and stormwater management. In addition to design engineers, our stormwater management team consists of environmental, hydrological and modelling specialists and we offer a complete range of services including infrastructure design, floodline determination, stormwater master-planning and the preparation of catchment and river management plans.
  • Wastewater

    Our specialist wastewater team have undertaken the design and implementation of nearly a hundred domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plants, from large industrial facilities to small rural package plants. This team includes process design and sludge specialists, so we offer a complete wastewater treatment service from conceptual process design all the way through to sludge disposal and plant operation strategies.
  • Geotechnical Engineering

    Solid foundations are critical to the success of any project. At Jeffares & Green our highly experienced team of geotechnical engineers, engineering geologists and environmental scientists is supported by civil and structural engineers, which ensures our geotechnical capability in large or small multi-disciplinary projects.
  • Geographical Information Systems

    We use the latest available technology to provide a wide range of GIS, mapping and IT services to help our clients gather and evaluate relevant information to make sound decisions. Our objective is to change data into visual information that can be easily analysed and clearly understood. Building upon industry standards, as well as incorporating custom applications and programmes, we are able to provide industry-wide solutions and web/internet applications designed around the needs of each client. We offer the focused services and sensitivity to detail necessary in the GIS industry.
  • Railways

    John Jeffares, founder of the Jeffares & Green Group, first carried out railway reconnaissance surveys and route assessments as far back as September 1931, when he reported to the Legislative Assembly of Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) on the Rhodesia-Walvis Bay Reconnaissance Survey, which traversed more than 1300 km. Since then, our company has undertaken major rail projects for central government departments, local authorities, mining companies, and the industrial sector.
  • Airports

    Jeffares & Green's experience with airport design started in the 1970s with the design and contract administration of an airfield at Kamanjab, Namibia, comprising two runways and a taxiway. Further commissions followed: the Luderitz airport; a military airport at De Aar, Northern Cape; a new regional airport (including master-planning, project management and leadership of the professional team) at Thohoyandou, Limpopo Province; preliminary planning of an airport near Naboomspruit, Limpopo Province; airports and airfields for local authorities and mining houses; and upgrading work at various major airports around South Africa.
  • Project Management

    With more than 80 years experience to draw upon, the management of projects is second nature to us. These range from the socially challenging, such as small contractor and labour intensive construction programmes, to technically demanding large, multi-faceted projects. Noteworthy projects include management of the dredging of the harbour at Pointe-Noire in the Republic of Congo and the development of an open-cast gold mine in northern Tanzania, including the establishment of an operating team. The latter required the sourcing of a second-hand processing plant in Western Australia and the stripping, refurbishment, shipping and re-erection thereof on site.
  • Mining Infrastructure

    After nearly a century of serving South Africa we have in recent years become increasingly involved in the field of mine infrastructure. With projects ranging from our traditional roadworks, water supply, structural engineering and environmental work, to the project management of the development of a new mine in Tanzania (including negotiations of the prospecting licence and design and construction supervision of civil works, airstrips, tailings dams etc.) we are excited to be serving yet another sector of our society.
  • Institutional and Social Development

    At Jeffares & Green we place great emphasis on institutional and social development (ISD). Our ISD experts know that the involvement of all stakeholders at every level and stage of a project is essential to the long-term sustainability of that project. They travel far and wide to encourage communities to participate in the decision-making process, and they obtain the inputs or involvement of all interested parties in the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of our projects.


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