Corporate Cafe in Sunninghill, Johannesburg

Corporate Café offers a range of creative team development options with unique activities that not only foster teamwork, but also provide participants with once in a lifetime experiences. Corporate Cafe provides entertainment and a venue for corporate and private functions.

  • Team buiding

    We Believe that to build employee morale and a sense of teamwork, you do not have to waste thousands of Rands going to expensive team building 18-hole spin around the golf course or 10th ropes challenge. Simply getting employees out of their cubes for once and allowing them to have fun and let loose with their colleagues is a good start to making a fun and productive work environment...Contact us for more information
    • Team buiding
    • Team buiding
    • Team buiding
    • Team buiding
    • Team buiding
    • Team buiding
  • Events

    For private and corporate functions, Corporate Cafe offers a unique approach... from venue to catering as well as entertainment. contact us for more
  • Entertainment

    Corporate Cafe offer unique entertainment for private and corporate functions... we offer theatrical dance shows,choreography and performance, saxophone player and many more
  • Brand Theatre

    A unique approach to experiential marketing, introducing a new service or brand to consumers. Contact us for more
  • Relationship Marketing

    How well do you know your clients, what they do and what they want. Are you aware that you are also a consumer as well as a service provider. What bearing does this all have on your business and how you can improve. Contact us for more
  • Fundraising - "A Chance To Dance"

    Corporate Cafe offer an unparalleled platform to raise funds for worthy cause. Please contact us for more information
  • Venue for hire - Spacious Dance Studio in Sunninghill

    Dance Cafe in Sunninghill is delightful and vibrant venue to host an event, parties, rehearsal, small seminars.conferences/promotional events.If you are planning a gig and you need a venue, come and view our studio to see if it will work for you.The venue offers catering, entertainment and has air conditioning, state of the art sound system, chairs, tables, proxy, parking space, smoking area, a kitchen. contact us for more information


Corporate Cafe

team buiding events entertainment brand theatre relationship marketing fundraising - "a chance to dance" venue for hire - spacious dance studio in sunninghill