Solarzone (Pty) Ltd in Strand / Somerset West

Solarzone (Pty) Ltd is a Solar company specialising in Solar Water Heating systems as well as Photovoltaic (harnassing the power of the sun and turning it into electricity. We do large scale as well as domestic projects, as no request is too large or too small. Our products are German engineered and imported to South Africa a few times a year. We also do items such as Solar street lights, Solar camping lights, Solar fountains and pumps as well as Solar Garden lights.
  • Quotation

    We have no qualms about coming out to our clients to take a look at your needs and then give a quote.
  • Installation

    We are proud to say that we do our own installations, as we trust only people who have been trained by Solarzone to install our products.
  • Good Quality

    We offer a product that is of excellent quality in the Solar World it is seen as one of the best!
  • Training

    We also offer training sessions once a month, at a minimal fee, training given by the Executive Director of our company.


Solarzone (Pty) Ltd

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