Compu-Leak Plumbing and Leak Detection in Stellenbosch

Compu-Leak and Gous en Seuns Plumbers have been serving Somerset West,Strand in the Helderberg basin as well as the Stellenbosch region for the past 19 years. Construction: We have successfully completed various contracts during the past 19 years growing from an owner/operator business to a medium sized plumbing company. Our contracts range from small alterations, plumbing of new houses and industrial buildings up to a four-star hotel complex completed in December 1997 (Villa Via Hotel - Gordon’s Bay). Maintenance:Different members of our construction team carry out maintenance as an ongoing service to the general public and industry. Leak Detection: Compu-Leak was formed in 1998 after an extensive search for modern leak detection equipment.We initially made use of Leak noise correlation and later added Hydrogen Gas Leak detection to our array of methods to find under ground water leaks.We can also trace the location of buried copper pipes up to a depth of 3m.
  • Leak Detection

    How can we help you?If you suspect that you have a water leak, we can come out to you property to assess the problem and if neccessary do a leak detection test on the pipes to find the leak point. How do we do it? We mainly make use of a Hydrogen gas leak detection device. We connect the Hydrogen tracer gas to the pipe network of your house and blow the water out of the pipes. The gas then starts to leak out of the pipe and float up to the surface. With the use of a gas analyzer, we then detect where the gas is leaking out and where the highest concentration of gas occurs above ground is normally closest to the leak point in the pipe.
    • Leak Detection


Compu-Leak Plumbing and Leak Detection

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