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DISCOVERING THE SUBLIME WORLD OF WINE The Cape Wine Academy offers a range of entertaining and educational wine courses for members of the public, travel & tourism industries. Tailor-made winetasting events are available for corporate groups. Our courses are held in Stellenbosch, Cape Town, Tokai, Durbanville, Somerset West. All courses are presented by winemakers, viticulturists, CapeWine Masters and people actively involved in the industry.
  • Wine Education & Training

    Range of entertaining and educational wine courses for members of the public, travel & tourism industries. Tailor-made wine tasting events are available for corporate groups

    • Wine Education & Training
  • South African Wine Course (1195.000000000000000000000000000000)

    Topics encompass wine styles and the effect of wine on the taste of food; vineyard and winemaking practices

    and how they contribute to making a quality wine. There is a tutored tasting at each of the presentations. This

    can be completed in the evenings or as a day event. All lectures incorporate tutored wine tastings.

    • South African Wine Course
  • Certificate Wine Course (2995.000000000000000000000000000000)

    The course consists of 7 X 2 ½ hour lectures (1hr lecture & 1½ hr tutored tasting).

    Successful completion of the South African Wine Course or Front of House Course is a

    prerequisite to register for this course.NB - please see schedule below for actual class dates.


    Lecture 1 Tutored Wine Tasting

    Lecture 2 Viticulture. Seasons of the vine: how to establish a vineyard.

    Pests and diseases; Wine tasting and discussion

    Lecture 3 Viticulture. Wine growing areas of South Africa.

    Wine tasting and discussion

    Lecture 4 Winemaking: from arrival at cellar till final product. Art of blending, wood treatments,

    innovations in winemaking. Wine tasting and discussion

    Lecture 5 Brandy distilling. Process of production. Different styles

    Wine tasting and discussion

    Lecture 6 Fortified Wines - Sherry, Port, Fortified Wines

    Wine tasting and discussion

    Lecture 7 Sparkling Wines - methods of production, different styles

    Special & Noble Late Harvest wines - definition of different styles

    Wine tasting and discussion

    Examinations: 1 x Two and a half hour theory examination and

    1 x One hour tasting examination (local natural wines and single varieties only)

    Note - An individual pass in both papers is required to complete the course. The pass mark for eachpaper is 50%

    • Certificate Wine Course
  • Wines of The World (2750.000000000000000000000000000000)

    Step into the international world of wines and broaden your international wine knowledge. Explore the world's wine regions and discover the interesting wines that they produce. From France to Australia and the Americas, you will be able to compare their wines against ours!

    With International wines becoming more available in South Africa, this course will benefit your personal knowledge and if you have a career in the wine tourism industry, i.e. hotels, wine shops, wine farms; it would be a benefit in your career path.

    For people interested in proceeding to the Diploma Wine Course, this would be a valuable stepping stone to this next level as an introduction to international wine regions.


    Lecture 1 France: Bordeaux & The Loire Regions

    Lecture 2 France: Burgundy & The Rhône Valley Regions

    Lecture 3 France: Alsace, Champagne Regions & Germany

    Lecture 4 Italy & Spain (including Sherry)

    Lecture 5 Portugal (Including Port) & New World: California, Chile, Argentina

    Lecture 6 Australia & New Zealand

    Exam Theory Examination - One hour and a half

    • Wines of The World


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