Health & Beauty @ 72 in Stellenberg, Cape Town

I offer top to toe products as well as services in the Health and beauty field. Workshops are held once a month to educate and pamper clients. I believe in simple, effective, high quality treatments. I also offer fantastic business opportunities to individuals wanting to broaden their horizons.
  • Health and beauty

    High quality, simple, effective treatments done by an Internationally qualified Beauty Therapist. Top to toe treatments. Pedicures, facials, Galvanic treatments. Weight loss as well as Cellulite treatments. Proudly South African products focussing on all skin types and targeting all aspects. Dry, Mature, Sensitive, Acne, Oily skin types. Hand and foot products. Body products. Earn an extra income while enjoying the freedom of beauty!
  • Be inspired, motivated and Energised for 2009!

    World Renowned Motivational Speaker, Dynamic and successful Business Woman and Entrepreneur will discuss our options for 2009. Fire Show to light up our evening! Cocktail Evening with style! Contact me as soon as possible to make your booking.


Health & Beauty @ 72

health and beauty be inspired, motivated and energised for 2009!