Number That Pays in Springs

It is not often that you'll come across a technology that will turn any phone line into a cash cow. But this is exactly what Number That Pays does for your business. All businesses receive inboundphone calls and every day millions of phone calls are received in South Africa alone. By implementing your own Number That Pays number, you will make a profit on incoming calls even BEFORE you dobusiness with the caller. And your existing phone structure remains 100% unaffected.
South Africa
  • Innovative concept that pays any size business on any land line up to 50c per minute for receiving incoming calls.

    Business Owners Discover The Hidden Gold Mine! How would you like to have a high tech innovation business phone number? This virtual number is an instant money machine for your business! Have youever purchased a product that can generate money per minute for your business? If you are business owner that promotes or advertised your business on a daily basis then this product is just for yourbusiness. Did you know 80% of your customers calling your business are from cell phones, by implement our virtual number your cell phone callers will pay 63c less per minute plus you will now earnmoney from every incoming call! Just another way to beat inflation. For Full Info Pack you are welcome to contact me!


Number That Pays
earn up to 50c per min,earn up to 50c per min on all your incoming calls