I D 4 Life in Springs

We supply, promote & ditribute ID & safety peripherals for all ages, specializing in child saftey. Allow our products to "speak for you" when you or your loved ones are unable to do so for yourselves! 

Browse our range to see the fantastic offers, and be amazed at the funky and versatile options available.  Contact us today, be proactive ... and don't wait until something happens to realise "if only..."

  • Child Saftey Peripherals

    We can offer you child saftey peripherals such as ID wristbands, bath & pool saftey, emergency first aid kits and the very important CHILD LOCATORS ... call 0832923300 or e-mail gabi@id4life.co.za (www.id4life .co.za)
    • Child Saftey Peripherals
    • Child Saftey Peripherals
    • Child Saftey Peripherals
    • Child Saftey Peripherals
    • Child Saftey Peripherals
    • Child Saftey Peripherals
    • Child Saftey Peripherals
    • Child Saftey Peripherals
  • Child locators

    Ever "lost" a child whilst out? We'll help you - hear them where you have lost sight of them! Our Mommy I'm here Child Locators are avialble now ALSO with the all new ALERT feature - contact us now at gabi@id4life.co.za or on 0832923300 (www.id4life.co.za)
  • Kids and safety

    Teach your children to empower themselves in any situation that they may feel uncomfortable in - introduce them to our fabulous ID & saftey products - gabi@id4life.co.za / www.id4life.co.za / 0832923300
  • Identification kits

    Call us for comprehensive identification packages for ALL ages. You will have all the information you require at your fingertips which will speak for you when you are unable to speak for yourself. Save time in an emergency when loved ones are missing. Call 0832923300 / info@id4life.co.za / www/id4life.co.za
  • ID 4 Life

    Pls look at our website for our full product range of ID kits, child safety peripherals and lots, lots more. Let us "speak for you" when you are unable to do so for yourself! Call NOW! 0832923300 / gabi@id4life.co.za (www.id4life.co.za)
  • ID-A-Pet Designer Pet ID

    Take a fresh look at keeping your pets safe! Eliminate the irritation of the jingle-jangle noise or loss of the traditional metal tags. These tags are simple to use, reflective, waterproof & cost effective in the long run. Tough and durable this product is offered in two sizes. Why not call us now for more information on hassle free control over your pets...gabi@id4life.co.za / 0832923300 (www.id4life.co.za)
  • Sport ID for Helmets

    In the event of an accident whilst cycling this superb product could save your life. Made from reflective materials it is lightweight and discreet and becomes a permanent fixture on your helmet, so you can rest assured it will not be forgotten on your next ride. Easily updated it allows any cyclist peace of mind whilst doing what you love best...! Don't heistate, call now on 0832923300 while stocks last or www.id4life.co.za
  • Medical ID 4 Life wristbands

    Whether you need to have a Medic Alert bracelet or not - make it a habit to wear a medical ID 4 Life Wristband. Available in a range of funky designs and colours, it will speak for you when you are unable to speak for yourself! Both, waterproof and versatile, it is an ideal identification aid for ALL ages! Don't hesitate, call 083 292 3300 / gabi@id4life.co.za


I D 4 Life

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