Brilliant Refrigeration in Springs

Services offered Due to the training and creating opportunities for ex employees, who have all started their own enterprises, a vast amount of expertise can be applied in the construction andmaintenance field for ammonia plants. Services offered: ? Efficient plant design ? Material procurement ? Construction supervision ? Labor force, suitably qualified for construction ? Quality control& SHE requirement. ? Plant maintenance and alterations for efficiency improvement. ? Electrical design and installations. Client's projects successfully completed range from the old Abattoircommission, with abattoir cold room's plants. Renown group of companies', meat distribution, cold rooms and freezers. SAB, new breweries at GaRankua, upgrading of Isando Plant. Chicken Industry, newabattoir and blast freezer applications. Double cooling medium for meat distributors and wholesale food outlets. Beefcor meat distributors have been a client for over 30 years. Contracts supervisionfor Johnson Controls for the Heineken project, as well as for Techno Projects Industriale for the CO2 Plant All successfully completed
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    Services offered:ï‚· Efficient plant designï‚· Material procurementï‚· Construction supervisionï‚· Labor force, suitably qualified for constructionï‚· Quality control & SHE requirement.ï‚· Plant maintenance and alterations for efficiency improvement.ï‚· Electrical design and installations.


Brilliant Refrigeration
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