Pentair Water South Africa (pty) LTD in Spartan

Manufacturer and supplier of the Nocchi, Flotec and Jung Pumpen range of pumps for Sub Saharan Africa. We distributute through a broad network of distributors throughout the country. The company is based in Spartan, Gauteng.

We offer sales and advanced technical backup both telephonically and on-site where required.

  • Nocchi, Flotec and Jung Pumps

    Nocchi Flotec Jung Pumpen Priox Drennox Pratika CM and CB pumps Multinox Waterpress EP VLR Drenox Minivort Sewerage Pump Borehole Pump NRM centrifugal pump Jet pump SSCX MCX fertilizer Pump DHI Omnia drainage pump Flotec VIP circlulating pump air-conditioning pump


Pentair Water South Africa (pty) LTD

nocchi, flotec and jung pumps