VBO in South Africa

Debt is a ugly thing: and in today's economy we have to look for a way to create a 2nd income and understand what works and what doesn't work, what is real & what is myth, so this site will give you various opinions, opportunity's etc... for you to get your financial success!

  • Get Paid 2 Shop & Talk - New & Launching Soon!

    The ladies will love this. How would you like to earn an income by doing what you love most - SHOPPING & TALKING? With this company you can now do exactly that. This Company negotiated discount with many of the big stores and chain groups. You get a MasterCard debit card from them and all you have to do to make money is use your card and tell other about it. How difficult can that be?
    • Get Paid 2 Shop & Talk - New & Launching Soon!
    • Get Paid 2 Shop & Talk - New & Launching Soon!
  • South African online opportunity

    The Internet has opened up amazing opportunities for entrepreneurs like yourself. You can become involved in an existing online opportunity. You can build a monthly cash stream – that can provide more financial security for your family than any 9 to 5 job ever could.http://www.bemotivatedtoday.net/6148
  • A Phone that can save & make you money

    The Vox phone operates like a normal (Telkom) fixed line phone, but with one difference, it will benefit you two ways, it will save you money and it will make you money, you can even make 100% FREE phone calls to other Vox users & the only thing you need to take advantage of this is a working ADSL Line. It's not Just a Phone but a modem too!http://www.vbo.co.za/Vox.htm
  • Webhosting

    Do you need a website, your own email adress ...@yourname.co.za etc... http://www.vbo.co.za/Afrihost.htm

get paid 2 shop & talk - new & launching soon! south african online opportunity a phone that can save & make you money webhosting