in South Africa (formerly Jump Shopping) is a technology company with a passion for all things related to eCommerce.

  • operates the price comparison website, One web site where online shoppers can search and compare prices for specific products across many online shops.

  • operates the domain management website, providing a web interface to easily manage your domains. Never forget to renew a domain again. Want to redirect a domain to another website. Easy! is an accredited domain name registrar with Uniforum South Africa.

  • has partnered with Shopify in South Africa to bring the best of cloud based eCommerce to South Africans. In the past what might have involved hiring a team of technical experts and weeks or months of development can now be done in a matter of hours at a fraction of the cost.

  • South African eCommerce Awards is home to the Annual South African eCommerce Awards. The awards have been designed to recognise and reward those South African websites that have demonstrated excellence in their use of the Internet as a platform for eCommerce. The Awards are open to all South African eCommerce websites based in South Africa. The South African eCommerce Awards encourages all South African eCommerce websites to participate in the awards.

    • South African eCommerce Awards

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