Marketing in South Africa

Cash in a flash could be yours. It sounds crazy!! Cash in just 7 days or your money back? Strange but true. This is not a chain letter, or a pyramid scheme. This is a certified 100% legal program.Join our ever growing network of people who are quickly catching on to this 7 day phenomenon. The concept is rather simple but you need to fully understand the concept. In a sense you will be given a webpage link with your bank details and our bank details. Send out this link to as many people as you can asking them to join the Cash In 7 Days program.In order for them to join they need to pay you R50, and us R50. If you get around about 150 people per day to deposit money into your account you will get over R50,000 in just seven days!The wonderful thing about this is you can continue to use this formula over and over again. All you have to do is continue to send out your web page link, and place ready made ads (which we supply) on websites like Gumtree & Vottle.