Kerry's Virtual Assistant in South Africa

We are A Virtual Assistant Company. We Provide the Following Services Invoicing, Purchase Orders, Stocktake,Brochures, Flyers, Letters and Memo's, Newsletters, Powerpoint Presentations, Travel and Events Planning, Typing of any kind of Documents with or without Graphs and Bookkeeping. We use applications like timestap to monitor time spent on each customers project for possible pricing of our services and more information or to contact us please go to our website . We can tailor make a package to suite a companies needs. So why not work on your business, Not for your Business. Remember as a virtual assistant we incur all the overhead costs and we don't charge for idle time such as lunch breaks and vacations etc. By using us you are freeing up your time to spend on more valuable tasks like spending more time in front of your customers and increasing your business knowing that we are there to help you with all the other time consuming parts of your business. Just imageine what the extra time can do for your business.


Kerry's Virtual Assistant