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Specialists in "The Most affordable PABX in South Africa" PremiCell and Least Cost Routing Voice over IP (VoIP) WAN products (Wide Area Networks) Buy and sell Used PremiCell equipment

  • Most Affordable PABX in South Africa

    Our PABX is unique. It has a 2Yr Maintenance warranty (Not 1 YR) and a Life long Warranty against lightning damage (No one else offer any at all!)If this is not enough, The product includes Voicemail for all users, VOICE RECORDING ON ALL CALLS - an awsome Telephone Management System, Automated attendant and best of all does VoIP Beautifully! Also... On screen displays on all PC's with an integrated phone book that includes "click for dial!" All of this and still the Most Affordable PABX ever.

    • Most Affordable PABX in South Africa
  • PremiCell (LCR) New and Used ! - supply own sim card.

    Amongst various makes and models we offer is the amazing Nokia with Fax. (Ideal for rural schools, temporary offices such as building sites, where Telkom lines are not supplied etc...)

    Still the best way to save thousands on calls made to cellular numbers.... 10 years of experience proofs between 35% and 55% savings. Call for a free quote - 031 7017557.


  • WAN over MPLS using ADSL !

    This is a Diginet like solution over ADSL: Static IP's - 384Kbps speed. - No setup cost - MPLS on Telkom ATM network - Private and secure Network - 1:1 contention ratio - No Expensive routers required - No VPN or IPSEC required - Cost at R900.00 per branch pm versus 64Kbps Diginet at about R3000 pm ! It is a NO BRAINER- call Brits on 0836754847 - Nationally available.Did I mention.... no 12 month contract?!


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