GW Store in South Africa

Online access to cutting edge sustainable technology - Solar Power, Wind Energy, Water Efficiency, Worm Farms and more...

  • Energy Audits

    In order to save energy you must know where you are spending energy. We perform energy audits and supply you with a report that will advise you on how to reduce your energy consumption.
  • Solar Geyser Installation

    We can install a solar geyser anywhere in the country for around R3000 less then any other provider.
  • Wind Energy

    We are the lowest cost provider of wind energy equipment in the country.
  • Solar Panels

    We can sell solar panels for as little as 42.50 per watt. We have a huge variety and can deliver anywhere in the country.
  • Energy Accessories

    We have a large supply of inverters, regulators, batteries and general equipment.
  • Water Efficiency

    From low flow bathroom equipment to grey water systems.
  • Worm Farms

    Delivered anywhere in the country.


GW Store

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