Decade Financial Solutions in South Africa

Decade Financial Solutions (DFSolutions / DFS), started operating in 2009 with its core focus being the provision of Financial Solutions / Services to clients in desperate need of NOT being abused and scrupulously overcharged!

We currently offer a wide range of products from empowerment- / up-skilling initiatives to insurance, loans and other financial products.

Finding out what suits YOUR pocket, through various service providers and as such, earn our revenue / income with the majority of these providers, is what we do!

  • Finance

    Vehicle finance, bridging loans, home loans, personal loans, consolidation loans, credit cards
  • Counselling / Upskilling

    Debt reviewing / counselling, budgeting and financial education, starting your own business, property investment, understanding your itc, wills and testament
  • Insurance

    Short term insurance (car and home), Long term insurance (death, disability), medical aid, hospital cover
  • Other

    Cellphone contracts, empowerment and BEE, education skills and development, social and community involvement, monthly newsletters


Decade Financial Solutions

finance counselling / upskilling insurance other