B & S Grasdakke in South Africa

Apart from thatch roofs, I also do other projects, which includes; wooden decks, wooden fences as well as the treatment of thatch roofs against fire and ageing, etc.


CCA Treated Poles

Cape Thatch Inner Layer

Carry Poles are bolted

Deck thickness of grass +-210mm

Fibreglass or cement cam

Thatch Repairs

Comb of all thatch

Stuffing of grass where necessary

Repairs of leaks and wind damage

Replacement of cams

Paint and seal of cams

Thatchguard Treatment

Treatment of thatch with Thatchguard

8 Year Factory Warranty

10 years no maintenance on thatch


Less water retention

Fire retardant

Birds/squirrels/monkeys cannot pull the grass out


Treated pine structure

Rhodesian teak, Saligna or Pine Decking

Various kinds of hand railings




B & S Grasdakke
thatching, thatch repairs, decking, wooden fences, pine decking