Michelle Hlava Optometrist in Somerset West

We have a special interest in the following situations and diseases: General Optometry, as seen with everyday difficulty in seeing well. Visual difficulties noted with the following cases: Parkinson's Disease, Strokes, Traumatic Head Injuries, Squint cases, Learning disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD), ADHD, Pediatric Optometry, Diabetic Optometry, Geriatric Optometry, Age related difficulties.

  • Optemetrist

    We make use of General Optometry to correct refractive errors, visual therapy and/or Neurofeedback therapy : a biofeedback therapy that uses electro encephalography to provide a signal that is used by the individual to receive positive feedback thereby training the thought processes in the brain.) Used for all types of individuals with positive results


Michelle Hlava Optometrist