HopkinsCalvert in Somerset West

The HopkinsCalvert team of consultants is committed to your workplace prosperity. Apart from consultation services and personal advice, we can contribute to the success of your company by implementing and monitoring specific processes and projects. We also source expert associates that are carefully screened and selected to provide an efficient, cost-effective one stop service. We further specialise in management recruitment and HR project management to properly address any of your human resources needs.

  • Training

    We can assist you to identify training and development needs, formulate a training strategy, facilitate the management of change, training and development and ensure that the entire process is ultimately integrated with your business strategy.
  • Strategic planning

    If you need help in strategic planning, we use the latest technology to assist you in setting realistic and attainable goals for your company. We involve managers, workers and unions in facilitating the process.
  • Organisational audits & development

    In order to gain an understanding of your company's current situation, we will conduct an audit to assist us in making recommendations. This could lead to a more prosperous future, based on the needs, vision and commitment of everyone involved.
  • Management recruitment & selection

    With the latest techniques, our existing network and extensive database of jobseekers, we can recruit the best person for any position. We place people that meet the specified requirements, thereby minimising risks.
  • Work place relations & conflict prevention

    We can help you develop and implement policies and procedures regarding workplace relations. The first step is to build capacity by creating a common vision amongst management and employees. Agreements are then put in place, which will either prevent conflict or help to manage it effectively.
  • Remuneration & performance management

    A set of sound remuneration principals should emerge from the human resources strategy of any organisation. We assist in all aspects of remuneration management by linking it with performance. The company's strategic priorities are directed into different departments that reflect in the performance targets of each employee.
  • Labour law

    Labour legislation has a truly powerful impact upon human resource management. Not only can we address all aspects of labour law, but we can ensure that your personnel policies, procedures and practices are sound and correctly implemented.
  • Personnel systems and procedures

    We will provide you with professional, value added human resource systems and procedures to help you manage people effectively.



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