Bird Control South Africa in Somerset West

Bird Control SA, provides comprehensive and human pest bird removal and control soultions.Our products are sourced globally to ensure we provide the latest technology in bird control.We provide exclusion, deterrent and repellant solutions that include bird nets, bird spikes, bird wire, taste aversions ultrasonic repellants and more.
  • Bird Removal

    Humane and effective removal of pest birds, with culling as the final resort.
  • Bird Control

    Bird exclusion, repellant and deterrent solutions.
  • Bird Exclusion

    Bird nets and mesh installed and maintained.
  • Bird Deterrents

    We supply, install and maintain bird spikes and bird wire systems to prevent birds from roosting and nesting.
  • Bird Repellants

    We supply, install and maintain visual, taste and chemical, electric shock and ultrasound repellant solutions.


Bird Control South Africa

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