Lifeforce Financial Services in Sea Point, Cape Town

Financial solutions for individual and companies including portfolio management, investment solutions, tax optimisation, and corporate benefits.
  • Assurance

    Lifeforce specialises in life,disability and dread disease cover, ensuring the client the lowest possible premiums with the best possible benefits.
  • Corporate Benefits

    Lifeforce provides companies with tailor made solutions ensuring the company's investment achieves the maximum growth, while guarding against the risks associated within an equity market. In addition, lifeforce is able to shop around for the best risk rates available ensuring maximum cover for its employees.
  • Retirement Planning

    Lifeforce prides itself on being able to tailor make retirement solutions from a while range of products available. This will enure that every client's individual needs are catered for.
  • Medical Aid

    Lifeforce is registered to the best medical aid products available in the market, ensure that its clients have peace of mind that their loved ones are fully covered in the event of any emergency.


Lifeforce Financial Services

assurance corporate benefits retirement planning medical aid