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biz-man is a web-based business management system helping you to manage your workplace activities while keeping you legally compliant

If you are an innovative manager who wants to improve the effective control and governance of your business, we have solutions that will:

- ensure legal compliance

- assist you in managing your meetings and actions

- assist you in doing internal audits

- keep you in touch with the pulse of your business

- steer you towards continuous improvement


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  • Meeting Manager

    "biz-meeting" is a module used for managing all meeting types held within the company. Targets, actions and tasks are generated to achieve goals aligned to business objectives and management plans. Meeting integrity includes random selected attendee log on, reasons for shifting target dates, completion success ratings and a full audit trail.
  • Incident Investigations

    "biz-investigate" provides effective means to manage incident investigations, be it safety, quality, near miss, or any other classified incident.
  • Management of Change

    "biz-MOC" is a management of change module used for managing technical, process, supplier and other changes in a controlled way by identifying and mitigating any risks resulting from the change.The MOC process includes a problem statement, motivation, feasibility, hazard study, approvals and acceptances through to handover.
  • Risk Management

    "biz-risk" considers and manages the various risks within the business operations. These include SHEQ risks such as safety, health, environment, quality and operational risks."biz-risk" has a comprehensive risk matrix calculator that takes into account causes and consequences of the inherent risk. By applying mitigation controls the residual risk can be determined.Risks have owners and require reviews based on their residual level or in the event of an incident or change related to the aspect.
  • Bejavioural Safety Observations

    "biz-behaviour" is used for the management of behavioural based safety observations. Submissions include the indication of safe and at risk observations which can be followed up as an action within a meeting. Reports and graphs are used for trend analysis enabling prevention through safety talks and awareness campaigns.
  • Training Management

    "biz-train" will ensure that both new and existing personnel are trained, retrained and kept at a competency level contributing to effective and safe operation of all aspects of the business. It includes a skill matrix using training groups, schedule manager, reminders and notifications, and competency declarations where required.
  • Data Logging

    "biz-data" is used to log and manage operational data (OD) within the organization. OD data is entered into the system on a periodical basis by an appointed submitter. Data can be logged as standard entry or be derived from standard data through formulation. Before being qualified the data needs to be accepted and approved by appointed persons.Typical data could include energy consumption, carbon emissions, water consumption, etc. Various monthly, yearly and other reports can be configured.
  • Knowledge Base

    "biz-know" is a Knowledge Base module, functioning like a forum, where topics (questions) and replies (answers) are submitted. Used for finding answers to topics in related categories, this module provides a look-up for words, phrases, definitions, abbreviations, etc. As time progresses, the knowledge base expands.
  • Storage Control

    "biz-storage" is used to govern securely stored items such as hard-copy certificates, licenses, manuals, physical evidence of an incident etc.Items are logged under specific categories, areas and locations each with an owner who will issue, trace and recall such items. The system reminds the owner when items are due for return and provides reports on item whereabouts.


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