SJ Capital Group in Sandton

SJ Capital Group offers individuals the opportunity to purchase strategic UK land alongside leading land planning proffessionals. The current property climate and the 4.5 million housing shortage in England provides those with foresight probably one of the greatest value propositions to be part of over the last 80 years. Those property investors who seek capital growth in sterling and have a medium term horizon would find our land offering a highly appropriate asset class within their portfolio. SJ Capital Group established in SA in June 2006 and has sold over 900 plots to individuals who have found value within its offering. Recently we have opened our doors to select Independant Financial Advisors and Real Estate companies to act as Representative offices offering our product to their existing and future clients. Agencies have been established not only in South Africa but also in Kenya and Botswana and shall continue to expand to regions where the demand is evident.

  • Strategic Land Ownership

    SJ Capital Group simplifies the process for individuals who wish to benefit from the significant financial gains experienced when undeveloped land is rezoned for residential purposes. This costly and technical process is managed completely by an experienced Land Planning team who have a significant track record in succesfully identifying and rezoning land.


SJ Capital Group

strategic land ownership