COC Electricians in Sandton

At Sandton Sandton electricians our main specialty is COC certificates also know as an electrical certificate of compliance. According to the electrical standards as describe in the occupationalHealth and safety act, a ECC or electrical compliance certificate, is needed every 2 years within Sandton Sandton or when selling or renting a house. At Sandton Sandton electrical we have the correctdiagnostic tools to inspect your property and issue you with a compliance certificate. Sandton Sandton electricians also have all the equipment at hand to efficiently rectify any electrical componentthat may not be according to standard. This allows us to issue you as our client in the Sandton Sandton area with the needed electrical certificate of compliance. A certificate of compliance forelectrical installations is required when bulding renting or selling your property within Sandton Sandton. At Sandton Sandton electricians we can not only assist with issuing of this needed COC wecan also install or rewire any new electrical components as may be needed. Our staff have more than 20 years of experience which will ensure that all work is done according to standards ensuring yoursafety.
Electrical certificate of compliance


COC Electricians
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