Brian Mbele Attorneys in Sandton

Brian Mbele Attorneys is a business law firm based in Sandton. The firm is positioned to advise small, medium, medium-to-large and select large businesses that operate in South Africa and abroad. We help our clients succeed by defining, designing and delivering innovative legal services that help them effectively manage legal risks. Our comprehensive service suite covers advisory services, solutions and consulting at competitive rates.
  • Business Law Firm

    Our Advisory services include: Administrative and Public Law; Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment; Constitutional Law; Construction and Engineering; Corporate Governance and Business Ethics; Corporate and Commercial Law; Dispute Resolution; Entertainment and Media; Health Care, Hospitality and Gaming; Infrastructure Development; Manufacturing and Automative; Mining, Metals, Minerals and Energy; Public Entities /Government; Strategic Projects; Power and Utilities; Forestry and Integrated Wood Products; Power and Utilities; Retail / Wholesale; Sports and Events; Financial Services; Fisheries and Aquaculture; Real Estate and Rail. Our Solutions includes: Contract management; Due diligence investigations; Corporate governance and Legal process outsourcing. Our Consulting includes: Comprehensive legal compliance and risk management consulting services.


Brian Mbele Attorneys
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