M.N. in Sampson

Provide free spiritual mentoring. We use most forms of communication to do so, such as: e-mailing, telephone, faxing, and mailing. We do ask however if you want to respond through faxing, or mailing you offer a donation due to the overhead cost on that. We will accept donations, and do not request any certain amount.

  • Spiritual Mentoring

    Accomendation, real world concerns, free guidance, love, traveling in advancement, success,I am a minister wanting to help people over the world?Apart of my ministry is to help those I will probably never see, that need my prayers and interceeding. I am a prayer warrior for God, and I stand strong in what I believe, and my aim through God is to help others, who are struggling with addictions, behavioral children, finances, abusive spouses/relationships, fear, anxiety, body afflictions and so much more. I just want to get the word out. I don't charge anything, unless you want me to respond back by mail, which is to cover the overhead such as the paper, envelope, and stamps. My e-mail is monet2love@yahoo.com. You can write at: PO Box 1590, Clinton, NC 28329. In all things be lead by the Holy Spirit!

spiritual mentoring