KNT Forensics CC in Rustengburg & Johannesburg

KNT Forensics CC (“KNT”) is an emerging provider of forensic investigation services established in the North West and Gauteng Provinces during May 2009 with a vision to be a significant player in the South African economy. The experience of the managing member spans over 10 years in both criminal prosecution and forensic investigations.Whilst we are a new practise, our diverse legal and forensic investigations background ranging from corporate to government puts us in better stead to offer the best forensic investigations and litigation support services at competitive rates.KNT is committed to providing superior services in the forensic investigation industry and is conscious of the high standards laid down by the industry and the expectations of its valued clients. KNT is proud to meet these challenges.
  • Risk Consulting

    Every organisation needs to protect itself from and to minimise its exposure to such risk factors associated with commercial crimes, including but not limited to fraud and corruption. We can assist you in equipping your organisation to combat commercial crime effectively, through the development and implementation of effective risk management strategies and accompanying operational procedures.
  • Forensic Investigation

    Engaging KNT gives you access to a dedicated team, knowledgeable on aspects of business, available 24/7 to provide advice and assistance in real-time. We investigate all aspects of commercial crime, including fraud, theft, corruption and money laundering. We also trace and assist in the recovery of misappropriated assets. We provide experienced expert witness testimony and evidence in disciplinary, civil and criminal proceedings. In addition, our multi-disciplinary team also offers litigation support.
  • Commercial Crime

    Commercial Crime Investigation and Detection
  • Tracing

    Tracing of complainants; witnesses and suspects
  • Supplier Vetting and Credentials Verification

    Supplier Vetting and Credentials Verification
  • Due diligence

    Due diligence assessments
  • Disciplinary Hearings

    Chairing and Prosecution of Disciplinary Hearings
  • Litigation Support

    Litigation Support on investigations conducted
  • Training

    Fraud awareness training


KNT Forensics CC

risk consulting forensic investigation commercial crime tracing supplier vetting and credentials verification due diligence disciplinary hearings litigation support training