Prithel Services CC in Rustenburg

Prithel Services provides the following services:-

*Cleaning, Garden & Pest Control Services.

  •  Homes, Offices, Businesses, Schools & Flats.
  • Once-off, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Contractual basis.

*Decorations and Catering Services.

  • Weddings, Funerals, Parties, Conferences etc.
  • Sound System, Video & Camera.

*Internet Café and General Computer Services.

  • General Typing, Scanning, Copying, Binding,
  • Faxing, CVs, Laminating, Invitation & Greeting Cards, Certificates, Programmes, etc.


  • Prithel Services CC

    1.Cleaning, Garden & Pest Control Services.Homes, Offices, Businesses, Schools & Flats.Once-off, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Contractual basis.2.Decorations and Catering Services.Weddings, Funerals,Parties, Conferences etc.Sound System, Video & Camera.3.Internet Cafe and General Computer Services.General Typing, Scanning, Copying, Binding,Faxing, CVs, Laminating, Invitation & Greeting Cards,Certificates, Programmes, etc.
    • Prithel Services CC
    • Prithel Services CC


Prithel Services CC

prithel services cc