TraceGenie in Ruimsig

One system to manage all your trace instructions.
Debtor Tracing
  • Beneficiary Tracing

    Bring people and assets together - finding missing or unknown beneficiaries where there are funds due to them. We trace beneficiaries for insurance payouts and provident funds.
  • Missing Person Tracing

    Missing person tracing and family tracing connects you to missing persons and long lost loved ones. We locate missing persons/family, providing you with their contact information
  • Debtor Tracing

    We locate your missing and absconded debtors, providing you with their contact telephone numbers and residential address info.
  • Third Party Tracing

    We will trace third parties involved in vehicle accidents and obtain all relevant information that may be required by the insurance company.
  • Field Tracing

    We have a specialised network of field agents specialising in: Beneficiary Field Tracing - Physical Tracing, visiting the beneficiary and signing of relevant documents for payout. Legal Field Tracers- For signing of Section 58's, Section 57's. AOD's, Section 129's and Debit Orders. Field Agents for physical confirmation and verification of an address or asset.


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