JQ Project Consulting in Roodepoort

An independent consultant offering tailored project management solutions including technical advice and vendor management with experience in IT Infrastructure, Software Development and Project Office Implementation for over 10 years.

  • Information Systems Integration

    Whether moving technology from an existing system to a new platform, upgrading a version of software, converting old software to a more current application, or simply getting different types of technology to talk to each other, I am able help make the integration go timely and smoothly.

    • Information Systems Integration
    • Information Systems Integration
    • Information Systems Integration
  • Technology Implementation

    Technology Implementation is the process of deploying products and technological services where they are needed most. I assist in realising this goal through exhaustive research of my clients' individual environments, visions and goals. Through technology development, exploitation and transfer, my efforts achieve and support technical readiness, modernisation and reliability.

  • Business Continuity

      Business Continuity Planning BCP Design Recources Plan review Recovery times for critical functions


JQ Project Consulting
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