Garden Drums - Garden Refuse Removal in Roodepoort

Garden Drums charges a monthly garden refuse removal fee for the use of a garden refuse drum, garden refuse bag or plastic refuse bag collection.

The garden refuse drum is a 210-liter steel drum with lid (one or more), the garden refuse bag is a smaller 125-liter re-usable bag (one or more) and lastly the bag collection consists of normal household sized refuse bags.

The cleaning of the garden drum, garden bag and bag collection, is done weekly.

  • Garden Drums - Roodepoort (Garden Refuse Removal)

    The disposal of garden refuse/waste is a huge hassle and inconvenience and can take up your whole Saturday.The cost of black bags can become absorbent and tend to tear when filling with garden refuse. This normally result in garden refuse piling up somewhere in the yard and is not only unsightly and omits a bad odor but also becomes a breeding place for insects, snakes and other vermin like mice and rats.Garden Drums – Roodepoort offers you a solution that consists of the following:1. We deliver a 210lt drum(s) to your home. The contents of 5 - 6 black bags fit into one drum. Depending on your need additional drums can be utilized. 2. You fill the drum(s) with your garden refuse, no need for plastic bags.3. We empty the drum(s) once EVERY WEEK. No long-term contracts, only a service agreement are signed for filing and billing purposes.We also give free quotations on the removal of big loads of garden refuse. Preferential pricing is given to customers that make use of our monthly drum rentals.


Garden Drums - Garden Refuse Removal
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