Virtual Office Assistance - Typing and Transcription in Robertson

VOA offers typing and transcription services as well as the expertise of more than 20 years experience in office management. The virtual assistant eases your administrative load saving you money and time. We also have experience in assisting people who are visually impaired or blind with administrative duties to enhance their working experience.
  • transcriptions

    Transcriptions of various materials: Conferences, Reports, Letters, Interviews, Manuscripts, Minutes of meetings, Speeches, Any other recorded material, etc
  • Typing Services

    CVs , General correspondence including letters, Manuscripts, Reports, Minutes of meetings, Speeches, etc
  • Disability Support

    With ample experience in support to the visually impaired, VOA Typing and Transcription can assist the visually impaired person to have a more meaningful working experience. Sighted work is "translated" into digital or voice explanations to the visually impaired or blind person. Accessible forms and documentations can be set up, allowing the client to function independently.


Virtual Office Assistance - Typing and Transcription

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